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Discover the fun, fascinating, funky truth about all things sweaty.

Ifyou totaled up Christopher Bergland’s athletic achievements, they would be the equivalent of running around the world four times, biking to the moon and back, and swimming across the Atlantic and home again.

The tenacious endurance athlete holds a Guinness World Record for running — 153.76 miles on a treadmill in a single day — and is a three-time Triple Ironman champion, completing the über-demanding 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike ride, and 78.6-mile run in a record-breaking time of 38 hours and 46 minutes.

Needless to say, Bergland knows a thing or two about sweat. “When I finished the Triple Ironman, I felt like I’d sweated out every last electrolyte,” he says. Fortunately, Bergland, author of The Athlete’s Way: Sweat and The Biology of Bliss , gets inspiration from perspiration.

“I love to sweat,” says Bergland. “In my mind, sweat equals bliss.”

Sweat is a common partner to exercise, whether it’s the rivulets of sweat that accompany an intense weightlifting circuit or the droplets of perspiration that pitter-patter onto our mats during downward dog.

But outside of the gym, we rarely celebrate perspiration as a positive or desirable thing.

If we think of sweat at all, we consider it an embarrassing bodily function, a sometimes-stinky annoyance, a socially undesirable bit of physiology.

On an exciting first date, palms can get sweaty just as that special someone reaches for your hand. At a job interview, underarms can get swampy from the first tough question. Even in the context of a great workout, sweating buckets can be less than comfortable.

If it weren’t for sweat cooling our bodies down and flushing our toxins out, we’d all perish much sooner.

“Breaking a sweat can create some inconvenience,” acknowledges Bergland, “but the payback is always going to be worth it.”

Why? Because sweat serves a purpose — as a barometer of effort, as an indicator of stress, as a measure of health, and also as a literal lifesaver: If it weren’t for sweat cooling our bodies down and flushing our toxins out, we’d all perish much sooner.

Sweat is a near-universal experience. But how many of us really understand how perspiration works, and why? Here are the fascinating essentials you need to know — the cut-and-dried facts about all things sweaty.

Why do we sweat?

Like it or not, we can’t live without sweat. Perspiration keeps the body from overheating and short-circuiting. When your core temperature rises much higher than 98.6 degrees F, the hypothalamus — your brain’s thermostat — signals the exocrine system’s sweat glands to activate. Perspiration rises to the skin’s surface through pores and evaporates when it hits the air, keeping you cool.

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To understand Jesus and the movement that developed after his death we need to have a handle on a way of thinking that I call . This is a way of describing a certain expectation and outlook on the world and human history that was characteristic of certain Jewish groups and movements of that time–including Jesus and his first followers. As a phrase it is a “mouthful,” but it three central concepts break down rather nicely.

Let start with the noun, . It comes from the Greek noun , meaning “the last,” so it means the teaching or study of the “end times” or “last days.” In other words eschatology purports to tell us how human history will . The phrase the “end of the world” is more commonly used but in biblical texts what is usually meant is the “end of the age,” that is, the idea that history as we know it will come to a decisive “end,” but that critical termination will be followed by a new “age to come,” in which things will undergo a fundamental transformation–referred to in the Hebrew Bible as the creation of a “new heavens and a new earth.”

is an adjective from the Greek word which means a “disclosure” or “revelation,” referring to pulling back the veil on the secrets of the cosmos more generally, but as I am using it here, the “hidden things” related to the end of the age. In other words, when and how will the events of the last days unfold? The idea is that the precise timing of the end, and how the events of the last days will unfold, are known and determined only by God. However, God can and does these “secrets” to selected human beings or prophets.

is another adjective, from the Hebrew word , referring to one or chosen as a king or priest, see my discussion of this idea . What develops among late 2nd Temple Jewish groups (200 BCE to 70 CE), particularly in the Land of Israel, are a set of expectations that focused upon the appearance of an native King of the lineage of David, often associated with an equally idea Priest, either of the lineage of Aaron or Melchizedek. The arrival or appearance of these messianic figures was thought to be essential to ushering in the events of the last days, a final judgment of humankind both living and dead, and the establishment of the “kingdom of God”–that is a transformed age of justice, peace, righteousness, and eternal life.

There are dozens of Jewish texts of the period that we can roughly characterize as “Apocalypses,” see the survey article from the , but the most influential texts were those of the Hebrew Bible, and. In addition to Daniel were about two dozen other texts, scattered throughout the Hebrew Bible, that became the fundamental elements of the various “schemes of expectation” that one could put under the more general rubric of . I require my students in Christian Origins, at all levels, undergraduate and graduate, to become thoroughly familiar with these particular texts as a way of understanding our study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the New Testament Gospels, the authentic letters of Paul, and the book of Revelation–all of which are thoroughly immersed in this thought world of . Here is my list of these specific texts and I urge my serious readers to take the time to read through and mark these specific sections of the Hebrew Bible. Such an exercise tends to “pull them out of context,” but that is precisely what various apocalyptic groups were doing in this period. These particular texts and their specific language and key vocabulary, became a kind of functional “code” or cipher for mapping and setting forth the parameters of apocalyptic expectations of the time. I have offered an overview in Part 2 of my article, “ What the Bible Really Says about Death, Afterlife, and the Future ,” but there is no substitute for a close study of the themselves:

Genesis 49:10-12 Coming of Shiloh Numbers 24:15-17 Star/Scepter Deuteronomy 18:15-18 Prophet like Moses

Isaiah 2 and Micah 4:1-4 General Sketch of Kingdom of God Daniel 2, 7, 9, 11-12 Dreams, Chronological Schemes, and Visions Isaiah 24-27 Isaiah’s “little Apocalypse” Zechariah 14 Final Battle for Jerusalem Jeremiah 31 New Covenant Restoration of Twelve Tribes of Israel Isaiah 65:17-25 Creation of New Heavens and New Earth

Isaiah 8:16-9:7 Davidic Ruler Isaiah 11 Davidic Branch Micah 5:2-5 Davidic Ruler Jeremiah 23:5-8 Davidic Branch Jeremiah 33:14-26 Davidic Branch Future Priest

Zechariah 3:1-5 Priest Messiah and Branch Zechariah 4 The Lord () and Two Messiahs Zechariah 6:9-14 Branch Priest Messiah Malachi 3:1-4 Lord () and the Messenger Malachi 4:4-5 Return of Elijah the Prophet

Isaiah 42:1-4 Servant Song Isaiah 49:1-6 Servant Song Isaiah 50:4-11 Servant Song Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Servant Song Isaiah 61:1-4 Anointed One of the Spirit

Zechariah 9:9-10 King on Donkey Zechariah 12 Pierced One of the house of David

Psalm 2 King/Son on Zion Psalm 110 Lord ()/Priest at Right Hand Psalm 118:21-22 Rejected Stone/Cornerstone

Because English translations differ so much I would suggest one make use of the web site , which allows one to type in a specific passage and get a comparison of a range of translations, both Jewish and Christian as well as some of the older commentaries that tended to be quite good on the linguistics

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Hey Anil,

First of all, thanks for asking this question. I had worked on writing and illustrating that post for over a month, and after I finally published it, I just felt empty and directionless. But now you’ve given me renewed purpose! (Until I finish writing this too…)

I definitely consider myself a n00b at illustration. I doodle in my notebook and have taken a few drawing classes, but this was my first time actually anything: drawing to communicate ideas. I was learning as I was going along, so I’ll share how all that went down.

Back up, back up. What *is* illustration?

Illustration is a means of communication, and it’s more about designing different solutions rather than expressing yourself. (Of course, bringing in your own point of view is still very important.)

In my case, I wanted to add illustrations to break up the wall of text, add some visual interest (without being distracting), and make the whole blog post feel just a bit more . And above all, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and develop some new skills.

There’s a couple of parts that make up an illustration:

Concept: Style:

And on top of all that, there’s the skill of using your tools to properly execute your vision — whether that’s pen and paper, or in my case, Adobe Illustrator . For lack of a better word, I’m going to call this “ artistic skill .”

Like everything else in the world, these components are all connected. Better artistic skill expands your visual vocabulary so you can draw more complex things, certain concepts constrain your stylistic options, the style you picked can affect the compositions, and so on and so forth.

My meandering process

A professional illustrator working with a client usually works in a structured, methodical manner—sets of sketches, color palette references, rounds of review, etc. They’ve developed their own styles and can draw exactly what they want, how they want it, and fast. Since I was just doing these for myself (and for the first time), my process was a lot more organic.

I started doodling on my iPad Pro…

Traced it and modified it in Illustrator, playing around with color and line quality…

OK cool, so I’ve figured out a rough style I’d like the rest of the illustrations to follow. (I would later come to regret deciding this early.) Back to the iPad for more concept sketching.

As you can see, I played around with lettering-based ideas for the section headers. My comfort zone is lettering, so I decided to push my limits and focus on the illustrations. I laid out some type on the computer and sent it back to the iPad…

Eventually I decided that sketching on the iPad wasn’t helping me all that much, so I tried blocking out my compositions directly in Illustrator.

By now, I had been working on the illustrations for so long that the style had changed to something more expressive. There’s a lot more variation in line weight, and there’s lots of little squiggles that look handmade. Without realizing it, I had brought in some qualities of my past lettering work.


So glad I got to your email today…finally! My daughter (my ONLY daughter!) is engaged to be married to an amazing man. As you can imagine, we have called to talk about wedding plans AT LEAST twice a day, every day I am going to carve out some time after work today to do a List of 100 Decisions to Make for the Wedding. The part of this that strikes me the most is the writing in one sitting in order to go as deeply as possible. I’m really looking forward to this exercise.

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Little Coffee Fox Team says

That will be so much fun Lori! Congratulations to your daughter


Sue says

HI just read your email Can I be honest with you So sorry you not in a good place right now- sending good wishes your way – keep going – You will get there I have no doubt. Baby steps!

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Marlena says

I love this idea! It seems so simple but what a brilliant way to force creativity. It reminds me of what I am doing with my journaling for similar reasons. I make myself write three pages. The first page or so is no hum but then I get to what I really need to write. I will use this list of 100 as well. Thanks for the idea!

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Great to hear this resonated with you!


Sara says

Hi Shelby! I have a question that always comes to my mind when I see this kind of posts… Where did you wrote this lists? In your bullet journal? I want to start one for myself, but it seems very complicated to me to make in only one notebook lists, an schedule, etc. I mean, to me it’s complicated to see it only in photos, I wish that some of my friends have a notebook like that so I could see every page that she/he wrote in there, to make a global idea of the uses of a bullet journal (there are so many, and so many information in Internet, that blows my mind! hahaha)

I don’t know if I explain myself very well, I almost don’t speak english. Thank you so much, your web it’s beautiful! <3


Shelby | Little Coffee Fox says

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