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diff ( expr , x ) returns the first derivative of expr with respect to the variable x .

diff ( expr ) returns the total differential of expr , that is, the sum of the derivatives of expr with respect to each its variables times the differential del of each variable. No further simplification of del is offered.

The noun form of diff is required in some contexts, such as stating a differential equation. In these cases, diff may be quoted (as 'diff ) to yield the noun form instead of carrying out the differentiation.

When derivabbrev is true , derivatives are displayed as subscripts. Otherwise, derivatives are displayed in the Leibniz notation, dy/dx .

For the tensor package, the following modifications have been incorporated:

(1) The derivatives of any indexed objects in expr will have the variables x_i appended as additional arguments. Then all the derivative indices will be sorted.

(2) The x_i may be integers from 1 up to the value of the variable dimension [default value: 4]. This will cause the differentiation to be carried out with respect to the x_i 'th member of the list coordinates which should be set to a list of the names of the coordinates, e.g., [x, y, z, t] . If coordinates is bound to an atomic variable, then that variable subscripted by x_i will be used for the variable of differentiation. This permits an array of coordinate names or subscripted names like X[1] , X[2] , … to be used. If coordinates has not been assigned a value, then the variables will be treated as in (1) above.

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When diff is present as an evflag in call to ev , all differentiations indicated in expr are carried out.

Applies the scalar d'Alembertian to the scalar function f .

load ("ctensor") loads this function.

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· Package ctensor

Expands differential operator nouns into expressions in terms of partial derivatives. express recognizes the operators grad , div , curl , laplacian . express also expands the cross product ~ .

Symbolic derivatives (that is, diff nouns) in the return value of express may be evaluated by including diff in the ev function call or command line. In this context, Free Shipping Many Kinds Of Cheap Latest flared sleeve turtleneck jumper Nude amp; Neutrals Pringle Of Scotland Pick A Best Sale Online New Arrival Sale Online MsDu9pFo3
acts as an evfun .

A. It’s traveled around the globe

B. The High Five Challenge is a thing That’s right, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s a High Five Challenge that raises money for kids impacted by chronic illness. The money goes to provide them with arts and athletics programs.

B. The High Five Challenge is a thing

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National Simplicity Day – July 12

Pandemonium Day – July 14

National Give Something Away Day – July 15

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In idyllic places like the Catskills and the Poconos, the ‘50s and ‘60s were a uniquely magical time for America. This was where newly suburban denizens went on vacation, flocking to lakeside resorts straight out of Dirty Dancing . But over the years, the people stopped coming, and the resorts closed. Now, their moss-covered ruins Mens Classic 88 Sport LowTop Sneakers Black White 8 UK KSwiss 2018 Cheap Price Enjoy Sale Online Pictures Sale Online FG1NDiIw

Photographer Pablo Maurer stumbled upon a few of these resorts while exploring the abandoned Penn Hills Resort. Once a honeymooner’s destination, the so-called “Paradise of Pocono Pleasure” closed in 2009 and now looks like the set of a zombie apocalypse film. During his visit to the deserted resort, Maurer found an old matchbook adorned with an illustration of the Penn Hills pool at the height of its popularity. He looked at the illustration and then at the ruins of the pool and came up with the idea to photograph the current state of similar abandoned spaces that were once depicted in old postcards.

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Surface Laptop: One Year Later
6/19/18 5:42pm

For the next couple years, Maurer traveled around the Poconos and the Catskills, searching for resorts he’d seen in postcards bought at antique shops and on eBay. His journey not only became a treasure hunt, seeking out the most dramatic ruin porn, but it also became a time-traveling adventure. Maurer went looking for the spaces where a vibrant dining room or fun-filled bowling alley once existed. Instead, he found moss-covered caverns and graffiti-coated ruins.

“The Catskills in particular are a truly stunning, beautiful place with this overarching melancholy that’s hard to put your finger on,” Maurer told Gizmodo. “But like so many other formerly grand places, you see glimmers of hope and rebirth along with the blight.”

That’s one way of putting it. By superimposing his photographs of the ruins onto the postcard images, however, Maurer does help highlight the grandeur that once existed at these resorts. You don’t need to imagine the lounge chairs by a now-empty and polluted pool. You can see them in the postcard, lined up next to bright blue water and a diving board. As one image dissolves into another, you can almost feel yourself transported back to the ‘60s, when these places were fun and new.

Maurer explains that these resorts failed for various but sometimes related reasons. “Airfare became more affordable (allowing the general public to be a bit less local with their vacation time),” he said. “Tastes changed, and many of them did not evolve with the times.”

So they decayed. But there are still those glimmers of hope. Some resorts, like Grossinger’s and the Penn Hills Resort, have new owners who might decide to revive them. After all, the Catskills and the Poconos are becoming revitalized as young people rediscover the humble wonders near cities like New York and Philadelphia, places their parents might have gone or something they saw in a Patrick Swayze movie. There’s a chance the decrepit state of these once-fantastic places is only temporary.

The layer (screen) that is currently visible.

# Createlayer
layerA = new Layer
size : Screen . size
# CreateFlowComponent,addlayer
flow = new FlowComponent
flow . showNext ( layerA )
# Getcurrentscreen
printflow . current

The automatically generated ScrollComponent layer. Any child layer that exceeds the width or height of the FlowComponent are automatically made scrollable. You can target the ScrollComponent with flow.scroll .

# Createlayer
layerA = new Layer
width : Screen . width
height : Screen . height + 100
# CreateFlowComponent,addlayer
flow = new FlowComponent
flow . showNext ( layerA )
# AdjustcontentInset
flow.scroll.contentInset =
top : 100

All Cheap Sale Sale Beverly Hills sweatshirt Black Ih Nom Uh Nit Clearance Shop For Many Colors q1exMa
are available when using flow.scroll . These events will only apply to the layer (or screen) that is currently visible .

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